About OdorHog
If you have outdoor septic odor, you have come to the right place. OdorHog manufactures high quality vent pipe filters. 
Made in the USA since 1999, our products eliminate and absorb offensive odors delivering freshly filtered air where it matters most - your patio, yard, parking lot and to your neighbors or customers.
Our Product
OdorHog filters provide solutions for many filter applications including roof vents, septic tank vent stacks, drain field vents, plumbing sewer vents, municipal sewer systems and marine vessels. Our products are used on residential homes, apartment and condominium buildings, restaurants, schools, hotels, and hospitals. OdorHog also has solutions that are tailored to challenging conditions such as windy areas, steep pitched roof lines and cold weather climates. We provide peace of mind that your vent stack will provide clean air outside your home or business. 
Our Mission
Growing from a garage in 1999, OdorHog is now proud to be the dominant supplier of carbon vent pipe filters in North America. We are the experts, and we have many happy customers, please see our TESTIMONIALS. Our team takes tremendous pride in the quality of manufacturing, packaging, and shipping of our products. You will see the quality when you receive your OdorHog and experience the quality when you install your OdorHog. We GUARANTEE it!
What Sets Us Apart
 Made in USA
Free Shipping Over $59
 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
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