Product Overview

Product Overview - How to Order the OdorHog that's right for you!

Step 1: Measure Your Vent Pipe


To ensure a proper fit, measure your vent pipe's outside diameter (O.D.) and use the following table. Vent Pipe Manufacturers size their pipe by the inside diameter (I.D.). Because OdorHogs fit over the outside of your vent pipe, we care what the outside diameter is. The O.D. you measure will be slightly larger than the actual filter size you order. This tells us whether you have a “standard thickness” of pipe and that your OdorHog will fit properly.

If you have metal or cast iron pipes, be sure to order the clamp-on style so it has more flexibility in fitting your non-standard size pipes.

Step 2: Chose ABS or PVC Plastic Type


Our Black ABS plastic is recommended for areas that experience freezing temperatures. Otherwise you can choose based on color preference.

Make sure to look at the pipe that you will be using to match the color best, so it blends in with the pipe and surrounding area. The color is up to you. 

Step 3: Choose Connection Type


Our slip-on connections fit snugly on standard ABS/PVC vent pipes and no tools or glue are needed for installation. Our clamp-on connections are for use on cast-iron pipe or non-standard ABS/PVC vent pipe


The Slip-on model fits on standard Schedule 40 PVC or ABS vent pipes with no tools or glue required. If you have metal, cast iron or non-standard PVC/ABS pipes, order the Clamp On model.

Step 4: Standard vs Commercial Charcoal


The difference between the standard and commercial carbon is the base material the carbon is made from. Standard carbon is made from a wood base and our commercial grade carbon is made from a coconut shell based carbon that has a higher sewer gas absorption capacity and is made for longer life. It is perfect for heavy hydrogen sulfide applications or for difficult access situations. 

The commercial carbon is commonly used for restaurants, schools, strip malls, etc. It's also becoming more popular with residential customers who have steep pitched rooflines or don't want to change out their carbon as frequently. 

Both versions are pelletized for longer life and better air flow. The filter housing is the same for both versions of carbon. For example, if you purchased the standard carbon OdorHog and found it didn't last as long as you would like, you can purchase a commercial grade replacement bag and it will fit into the body of the OdorHog and last longer.