Another Happy OdorHog Customer

Hello and Thank You from the mountains of Tennessee!

 I have to admit I was quite skeptical, our home is in the forest on the side of a Tennessee mountain, downdraft is what we have year round but especially in the winter. Always after washing dishes, clothes, or a shower there was the traditional lighting of the incense stick to eliminate the odor which was very bad outdoors. We consulted various plumbers and septic tank experts over the past few years, none had a rational fix. Then we came across your website, it was a simple fix, no more smell, I mean none at all. The unit I purchased is a metal top and commercial grade charcoal filter. We now for the first time may open the windows, let in the wonderful mountain air without the mad scramble to close them all if someone flushes a toilet! Thank You OdorHog !!! An awesome product !!

-Gregory M in Tennessee

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