In what situations is the OdorHog filter not recommended?

The OdorHog will NOT solve your odor problem and is NOT recommended if:

  • The odor is originating from inside the house (if you smell an odor indoors)
  • The odor is originating from any leaks in the septic tank or plumbing vent system
  • RV or a Food Truck
  • Historic Home or older home with a noticeably slow plumbing system
  • Alternative Septic System where there is a blower or fan moving air
  • Home with a bathroom remodel or smell coming from bathroom, kitchen or laundry room
  • Ejector Pit or other similar application where there are sudden air movements

OdorHogs are designed for homes that have a standard vent system that has enough positive pressure to push through the densely packed, carbon filter when you run water and or/flush toilets. Because your vent system is sealed and pressurized, putting water into your vent system displaces the air and forces it up through the vent pipe on the roof. If your vent system is not standard or has any of the issues mentioned above, it can back up odors into the home.