It's All about the Carbon

OdorHog's high quality carbon will last for years on your vent pipe. It's formulated for the Hydrogen Sulfide Molecule (H2S) so sewer gas odors are completely eliminated when passing through the filter bed.

Our carbon is pelletized for superior air flow, low dust/particulate matter, and less mess in handling and changing out replacement bags.

On average, our customers re-order a replacement carbon bag for their filter after 3 years. Smaller families or less frequently used homes can last 5 years or more.

OdorHog carbon is certified for ASTM ratings for Density (ASTM D 2854), Hardness (ASTM D 3802), Moisture (ASTM D 2867), Ash (ASTM D 2866), H2S Breakthrough Capacity (ASTM D 6646). 

 Feel free to ask for our Certificate of Analysis.