OdorHog Overview

All OdorHog filters are MADE IN THE USA. Our Vent Pipe Filters are heavy duty. They are made from the same PVC and ABS plumbing pipes and couplings that are used in vent systems in your home or building. The OdorHog will hold up to the elements and provide years of use.

WHAT SETS US APART is that OdorHog has a replaceable mesh bag inside the body, which contains high quality, pelletized carbon that is activated for the Hydrogen Sulfide molecule (that stinky odor). Changing your carbon out has never been easier and can be done while the OdorHog remains on the vent pipe! Just remove the cap, pull the old carbon bag out by the handle, put the new bag in and put the cap back on. Fresh carbon in minutes!

OdorHogs are available in White PVC or Black ABS with a mushroom or metal cap. We recommend the ABS models for Northern US and Other Locations where sub-zero temps are likely. The plastic slip on models do not require any tools or glue to install – it just slips right on the vent pipe on the roof.

If you have metal or cast-iron pipes choose a Clamp-on model. It has a UV Resistant Rubber Coupling with Stainless Steel Belt Clamps for a perfect fit on your metal vent pipes. A flathead screwdriver or a 5/16" nut driver is all you'll need to install this unit. Rubber Couplings are easier to work with when they are warm.

For use in commercial buildings, we recommend our Commercial grade carbon which contains a coconut shell-based carbon that has a higher sewer gas absorption capacity and is made for longer life. It is perfect for heavy hydrogen sulfide applications.

How long your replaceable filter will work effectively depends on the design of your plumbing system, volume of use, the weather in your area and other factors. Most filters will last approximately 2 years.

OdorHogs are designed for passive or ambient air flow and are not suitable for applications where blowers or fans push or force air.

All our products come with a 90-day, 100% money back guarantee. 

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