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I just installed our order of two Odor Hogs onto our bathroom vent and am amazed and the difference!  Our outside area was becoming really gross from the odor.  Now?  Absolutely no smell at all.  Great device!  Thanks!
-Sam from Conifer, CO

We have a house where an odor would come off the roof onto the deck.  We had the septic tank inspected, had a plumber come over and check the plumbing.  The plumber after inspecting the house, looked at the vent stack and noticed it was very close to the roof line next to the gutter.  He suggested Odor Hog. I went to your web site and ordered what i needed.  Came with good instructions, very easy to install, and that was the end of the odor.

Fantastic product, good price, in stock, easy to install and works.  What else do you need to know.

-Mark from Kansas City, MO

W-O-W. I read all the reviews on your website, but I was still skeptical. I have dealt with a downdraft issue that seems to blow the smells from my main stack DIRECTLY into my patio windows for several years now. From the minute I installed the odorhog filters, the smell is GONE.

It is a beautiful morning and I can smell it from my porch!

-Ian L. from Wichita, KS

I installed one 1.5 ABS and one 3 ABS on my roof a week ago. To my surprise, the product did work, and has reduced the sewer gas smell around my house by probably 95%. I was unsure, but decided to try the product, as options are limited when venting the main sewer line. Not only do they work, but the ease of installment was a relief, and the customer service was suburb. I give OdorHog an A+ so far, and only hope the product continues to function as wonderfully as it has. If so, I will gladly do business with this company in the future and for carbon filter needs.

Thank you!

-Rusty from Charleston, WV

I researched the internet and found the OdorHog website. I wasn't too sure about the product at first, but read so many successful stories on how the device did work. I decided to take the plunge. I ordered the filtered pipe, but ordered the wrong size. I phoned right away and they were gracious enough to send an extension to fit from a 4" to 3" pipe at NO CHARGE.

The minute the pipe was fitted onto the septic pipe, the smell went away. It has been over 2 weeks and the smell is still gone. I am SO excited that there is a product out there that deals with stinky septic pipe odors.

-Carol from Trenton, NJ

Hi guys, just wanted to let you know how impressed i am with the Odorhog I ordered for my rooftop stack. Previously it was embarrassing poking my head out of the door and hoping my neighbors would be secretly blaming each other but OdorHog did the job.

-JB from Sydney, Australia

We have a beautiful new event venue in the quiet Salt Creek Valley of Leavenworth KS. After our first few events (Weddings) we noticed a strong septic smell from our Event Barn and Brides House. We found your product online, ordered, installed and 100% eliminated the odor! While our venue is designed to look rustic, esthetics are always a concern. Your product is inconspicuous on our barn, exactly what we were looking for. It's so refreshing to find a product that more than lives up to the promises it makes. Thanks for keeping our venue beautiful both in vision and clean fresh country air!

-Joe & Jay Schwinn from Leavenworth, KS

I wanted to wait a while before submitting a review to see if your product solved our sewer gas odor problem. After several years of gross and embarrassing odors and after consulting with numerous "experts" who were unable to come up with solutions or suggested costly possible fixes, I found your product and decided to give it a try. It's been over a year since we installed Odorhogs on all our vent pipes. Since then, we have not smelled even a whiff of sewer gas. I only wish I had found your product sooner. Well worth the price and extremely easy install. Having this problem fixed is well worth it. Big headache. Simply solution. Problem solved!

-Phil from Santa Rosa, CA

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are in the process of renovating a cabin in the woods and the poor contractors were putting up with the vent pipe odor. After doing an internet search on trying to solve this problem I came across your OdorHog Vent. Can't believe everyone doesn't have one. Your communication and shipping were outstanding. The [mushroom style] Odorhog arrived quickly...Still being skeptical since no one had ever heard of such a thing we put it on and YEAH!!!!! it solved the problem immediately. Again. thank you for solving our stinky problem.

-Ginger from Philadelphia, PA

I attached the filter to the vent pipe ... and from the moment I attached it, we haven’t smelled one whiff of odor. We were so worried that there was something wrong with our new septic system. The OdorHog is an amazing product that really works! Many thanks for developing and marketing this product!!!

-Mike from Boston, MA