What Sets OdorHog Apart

WHAT SETS ODORHOG APART is the replaceable mesh bag inside the body, which contains high quality, pelletized carbon that is activated for the Hydrogen Sulfide molecule (that stinky odor). 

Changing your carbon out has never been easier and can be done while the OdorHog remains on the vent pipe! Just remove the cap, pull the old carbon bag out by the handle, put the new bag in and put the cap back on. One trip up the ladder with a replacement bag does the job. Fresh carbon in minutes!

With other brands, the change outs can become very messy if you have loose charcoal. When it's time to change out the charcoal, the filter will need to be taken down from the roof and the gloppy glob of loose, stinky charcoal will need to be washed out with a garden hose before refilling. You can imagine spraying out sewer filled charcoal from a narrow tube, the spray can come back on you and it makes disposal of the old charcoal difficult at best.