Will an OdorHog work on my indoor odor?

An OdorHog will not work on inside plumbing odors. For sewer odors that are originating from the inside of the home, we recommend calling a Licensed Plumber.

An OdorHog is strictly for filtering odors that originate from the vent pipes, whether it's on the roof or at the ground level, venting the septic tank. OdorHog solves this outdoor odor problem. If you install a filter on your vent pipe when you have an inside odor, it can force the sewer gas to backup inside your home. It's like putting a cork in your vent pipe and backing up all the odors into your home.

The only scenario where an OdorHog would work is, if the roof vent pipes are in close proximity to the air intake unit (air conditioner) and the odor was exiting the vent pipe and being pulled in through the air handler. This can be a common issue on commercial rooftop buildings, where there are multiple vent pipes and the building has been designed with vents too close to the air handlers on the roof. OdorHog will definitely address this issue because the odor originates on the outside of the building from the vent pipes.  

You can read more about whether your application is right for an OdorHog at

OdorHog Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have a specific application in question, please email us at Info@OdorHog.com  and we will respond quickly to let you know if you are a good candidate for an OdorHog Vent Pipe Filter.